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Fatigue-Related Conditions

June 26, 2021


Dr. Cadegiani research on fatigue-related conditions resulted in the article (Adrenal Fatigue Does Not Exist: A Systematic Review”, published in the BMC Endocrine Disorders journal, and has become a world reference to debunk the existence of the pseudo-disease "Adrenal Fatigue", as mentioned by The Washington Post, Yahoo, US News, and other outlets, and four Wikipedia pages.

In his studies, he realized different unrelated states that were markedly affected by fatigue had methodological issues in the assessment of hormones and metabolic parameters, and could have pathophysiological correlations between them. Basically, alleged abnormalities in the cortisol release, the main product of the adrenal glands, were consequence, not cause, of these diseases. Among these states, which include chronic fatigue after chemotherapy for breast cancer, lower back pain and fatigue, and similarities and differences between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), a real disease, and ‘adrenal fatigue’, he was called special attention for overtraining syndrome, the most prevailing sport-related disease among amateur and professional athletes, for which endocrinology aspects were claimed to be central for its occurrence, and which fatigue is a major manifestation.

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