The Book on Overtraining Syndrome

Outline of the chapter 1. Introduction, historical perspective, and basic concepts on overtraining syndrome

June 27, 2021

Chapter 1. Introduction, historical perspective, and basic concepts on Overtraining Syndrome. Outline. 

Introduction, in which overtraining syndrome (OTS) is briefly described, but in a manner that many readers will finally understand of the syndrome really is;

Historical perspective, which brings a deep historical perspective on OTS, which has not been performed before, by rescuing decades-old preliminary researches and theories and putting all them into a chronological and logical perspective. This aims to better understand the progressive understanding of OTS until its current format, and gives readers a deeper contextualization that will further help them to truly understand the rationale behind OTS; and

Basic concepts on Overtraining Syndrome, where the concepts on this syndrome are depicted in an almost illustrative manner, since the understanding at this part is key for a good comprehension of the book and the syndrome.

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