The Book on Overtraining Syndrome

Outline of the chapter 4. New findings on overtraining syndrome

June 27, 2021

Chapter 4.  New findings on Overtraining Syndrome. Outline. 

Advances in the methodology: the author explains how himself addressed the major challenges in the study he conducted (the EROS study), as well as in the most recent studies performed by other research groups;

Lessons from the Endocrine and Metabolic Responses on Overtraining Syndrome (EROS) study, which is sub-divided in:

Summary of the results: in this part the author describes the main findings of the EROS study, that uncovered more than 50 new biomarkers, and serendipitously unveiled novel hormonal processes that healthy athletes undergo;

Analysis of the results: mechanisms and aspects unveiled: the mechanisms and aspects unveiled by the EROS study, in which the author links the findings in a logical and big perspective, and learns several novel mechanisms that were found to occur in overtraining syndrome, in particular as part of its pathogenesis;

Unexpected remarkable findings: the EROS study identified some interesting findings that had never been considered or hypothesized as being present in OTS, and unexpectedly helped improve the level of the comprehension of this syndrome;

New markers of overtraining syndrome: the author describes all the new biomarkers identified in OTS, from the results of the studies published in the recent years, in addition to the previous findings

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