The Book on Overtraining Syndrome

Outline of the chapter 8. Recovery from overtraining syndrome – learnings from the eros-longitudinal study.

June 27, 2021

Chapter 8. Recovery from Overtraining Syndrome – learnings from the EROS-Longitudinal Study. Outline.

Recovery from overtraining syndrome – learnings from the EROS-longitudinal study: Recovery from overtraining syndrome is challenging and not always complete. In addition, very few longitudinal researches have been conducted with actual OTS athletes, which precludes the identification of biomarkers that could indicate the stage of the healing process of OTS. In this chapter, the author brings the clinical, biochemical and metabolic biomarkers that occur earlier and later during the OTS recovery process, as well as practical recommendations for sports coaches and related health practitioners that may face this hazardous situation.

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